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RMV Announces Portal for New Drivers – Safety Tips!

As of February 2021, the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicle announced the launch of their new educational portal that provides resources and tools for individuals in the process of learning how to become a safe driver. This will provide first-time drivers and their parents/guardians with educational materials, safety videos, and study guides to help prepare for an upcoming learners permit exam. This will be the first time that the RMV is offering practice permit exam prep for those with a myRMV account which can be easily created here.

Acting Registrar of Motor Vehicles, Colleen Ogilvie states that “There are many critical steps included in this sensitive learning process, and the new portal and other resources, including the new learner’s permit practice exams, will help ensure that individuals have access to key materials to support their understanding of the rules of the road, become fully prepared to drive and keep themselves and others safe”. The portal is loaded with current articles on Hands Free Laws, Distracted and Impaired Driving as well as YouTube videos that are part of the RMV’s series on “Scan the Street for Wheels and Feet” which addresses specific roadway safety topics such as being cognizant of pedestrians and bicyclists, mirrors and blind spots. As residents of the North Shore we all know how important being aware of these dangers are especially in the summer!

In a time where it is extremely difficult to get hands on training time in a traditional drivers ed setting – we at Sterling Insurance Agency are so pleased with the work the RMV is doing to help first-time drivers and their parents!  For all your registry needs, and all your auto insurance, home insurance, and business insurance needs, always feel free to contact Sterling Insurance Agency in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Check out the portal here: First Time Driver? Start here… |