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New Registry of Motor Vehicles Check & Payment Policy

Starting July 1st, 2021 – the Registry of Motor Vehicles will no longer be completing, altering or filling out checks for customers.  At Sterling Insurance Agency, we take great pride in providing running services to our insureds local to the North Shore. As this is a big change for all of us, we will be working continuously to figure out the best way to seamlessly complete these transactions.

To put in basic terms, it’s nearly impossible to estimate what the RMV will charge for sales tax, so we usually leave the amount blank on our clients checks until we get to the RMV, then we fill in the exact amount given to us.  This will no longer be allowed.

This process will now transition online through a new payment portal.  As each transaction at the RMV varies in pricing as it is unique to each transaction the RMV understands that there may be fees that alter the price because of proration, penalties, interest etc. so they have decided to allow customers to complete their transaction through one of the following ways:

If the check is not entirely filled out, the RMV will process your applications but cannot complete the transaction until the full payment has been made. The RMV will send the insured an email with a link to make payment online.

If the amount on the check is filled out but less than the allotted amount because of any additional fees or interest the RMV will send an email to the customer, agent, runner or dealership with a link to make the payment complete. They have provided us step by step instructions to make online payments here: Making an Online Payment MASS RMV. 

On the other end if the check is filled out for more than needed but with a less than $5 difference  the RMV will start a Small Balance Adjustment that is added to the customers account. Insured can request this money back in the form of a rebate check that will then be sent out to them. If the overpayment is for $5 or more the RMV will simply issue a rebate check to whomever provided the check.

Again, as this situation will be brand new in July to all of us we will continue to make sure we are doing everything we can to help our insured through the RMV running process and provide the best service possible.  Always feel free to contact Sterling Insurance Agency in Beverly for your all your auto insurance needs, along with homeowners insurance, commercial insurance, and much more.