New Massachusetts Distracted Driving Law

On the North Shore, we deal with enough hazards on the road as it is.  Wet leaves, black ice, poor road conditions, October traffic (looking at you Salem), and on the list goes.  However, the biggest risk contributing to auto insurance claims may just be our cell phones, and Massachusetts will now be enforcing a much stricter policy.

With distracted driving a growing problem, Massachusetts has passed a new law banning the use of handheld electronic devices while driving, barring looking at text, videos or images while driving. Drivers may continue to use electronics in “hands-free” mode. The law goes into effect on February 23, with a grace period for violations until March 31. Penalties will be a $100 fine for a first offense, $250 fine for a second offense and a $500 fine for subsequent offenses.

You will be permitted to use electronic devices under certain conditions, including:
• If you are in a stopped vehicle, and the vehicle is not in a public way intended for travel by motor vehicles or bicycles.
• If you are in or responding to an emergency situation.
• If you are using your device to view a map for navigation purposes and the device is mounted to the vehicle’s windshield, dashboard or center console.

Spread the word: distracted driving is dangerous – and against the law.

Happy Holidays from Sterling Insurance, stay safe everyone!

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