2022 Low Plate Lottery is now open!

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is holding another drawing for the coveted “low number plates.”  Every year or so, the state will conduct a lottery to issue certain old/low plate numbers that they are willing to give out.  The deadline to enter the lottery is September 2nd, 2022  This year, there are 199 plates available in the lottery. We are happy to assist you with this process if you are interested.  As a full service insurance agency, we will help anywhere we can!  No matter where you are in the North Shore, Boston, or anywhere else in Massachusetts, we are happy to help with all your auto, home, and commercial insurance needs here at Sterling Insurance Agency in Beverly.

For full information regarding the rules and requirements, please follow this link to Mass.Gov’s informational page:

2022 Low Plate Lottery | Mass.gov