Free Registry Running Service & RMV Updates

We’re all doing the best we can to adjust to these trying times.  The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has re-opened a few of their branches by appointment only, no walk ins are allowed. The majority of the branches are still closed.  However, Sterling Insurance Agency is still able to offer free registry running service, which is the fastest way in the state to get anything processed at the RMV.  We are pleased that we are still able to offer this service to our clients, as the majority of the general public needs to wait weeks for their scheduled appointment.  As of 5/28/20, here are the branches that are open by appointments and working in some capacity:



•Fall River






•Milford – Commercial Driver’s License/Permit ONLY

•Wilmington – Commercial Driver’s License/Permit ONLY

•All other locations are completely closed.


Lawrence and Boston are the closest for the majority of our North Shore clients.  There is no appointment or wait time for our FREE registry running service, definitely take advantage of this.



Visit the MAIA website for more information:

  • They have extended some registration/licensing
  • Driver’s license and ID cards for the months of March-August 2020 have been extended to Septemeber-Decemeber 2020
  • Registration for license plates for the months of March-June 2020 have been extended to July 31,2020

Whatever your insurance needs are, we will do whatever we can to safely help you during these times.  Always feel free to contact us for more information regarding our free, registry running service.  Stay safe and well!