Beware of Fake Registry of Motor Vehicle Websites!

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles is warning the public to watch out for fake registry websites that are set up to scam consumers.  Unfortunately, there are dozens of websites mimicking the registry websites, with the hopes of getting consumers to purchase/renew documents on their fake websites.  We’ve had numerous clients contact us regarding this issue, as the websites are nearly identical.  The real registry website always uses the initials RMV, and the fake websites always use DMV instead, this is a quick way to tell the difference.

Always feel free to contact us before doing anything on the registry website.  We are happy to process the transaction for you online to ensure that everything goes smoothly.  We also have a registry runner that is available to go a registry branch (Wilmington, Danvers, Revere, Haverhill, Lawrence, Boston, Quincy) for you if needed.  This is a free service for all of our insurance clients.

For more information regarding the fake registry websites and the issues involving them, please visit Mass Agent, we’ve also linked the publication below.